Monday, June 1, 2015

Do they know?

by Jamie Joling

Do they know we are more than our definition? Do they know that our senses are highly specialized? Do they know that we are intelligent and inquisitive? And do they know the effects they have on us? On our bodies, our health, our emotions, our spirits? Do they know we are not a number, a possession, or a tool?

Have you ever stopped and looked at the world through your horses eyes? Have you ever wondered the questions they may ask? Have you ever considered their biological needs and desires? Have you ever learned the science of a horse? Why they were divinely created as the true masterpieces that they are?

"Do They Know? 'Humanity' Through the Eyes of a Horse" by Catherine Scott, is a beautifully written and illustrated book that may answer some of these questions. A book written in the hopes of opening peoples minds to the science, as well as the emotion of the horse. To take a look at our treatment of horses though their eyes, and through this, hopefully opening peoples minds to all of nature and the way we treat it. In hopes for people to understand, not by means of judgement or blind obedience, but a true understanding that creates personal responsibility and a concern for the planet as well as all of its inhabitants.

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This book was written for the horses. The horses who are enslaved by us. Growing up and learning that horses are for using and that they need to have a job, then later in life learning what that using was doing to them (on so many levels) was a hard look at reality, but through this has caused many more issues to be brought to light. It all starts with what is inside us. Through science, spirit, feeling and emotion, many things became clear. A world built upon lies and greed became transparent.

This has led to a deeper awareness of what is going on with our native wild horses. The mustangs. What do we know about the american mustangs? Honestly, not much. When we read through the information that is out there, how much of it is actually correct? How many can actually "feel" them?

To go out and be with the wild horses, to watch and observe them in their free and natural home is a life changing event. For many, life is no longer the same afterwards. Things they thought mattered no longer seem to matter anymore. And then to know that on a daily basis, by those sworn to protect them, they are being forcefully stolen from their homes and families, driven for miles and miles by a man made beast in the sky. Taken from their home with no regard to their protests, and are branded, injected, killed, sold and adopted. To have all "life" stripped away from them in an instant. What do you do then? How can we change it?

There are some who are trying. They are trying by providing a safe haven for those who have by force lost their natural born rights. There are some who feel that by capturing in photographs the beauty and aliveness that is the wild horse, by presenting facts and non-opinionated observations, and by raising awareness will help. And not just help the horses, but help "us" too. Because until "we" become open and alive, we will not be able to see it.

Catherine Scott and people at the Sacred Spirit Sanctuary share a common view of these majestic beings. One that involves their freedom and quality of life, as a horse. One that wants to share with others their beauty and grace. And for this reason, Catherine has created a Journal and Sketch Book featuring her photographs of the wild horses. The Journal and Sketch Book contains photographs of wild horses in their native homes, in holding facilities, and at sanctuaries. It also contains inspirations quotes and blank sketch pages to encourage one to go out into nature, open up and feel free.

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"Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose. Anything less is a form of slavery."
 ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

"Do something wonderful... someone may imitate you."

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